• Naar de vragenlijst

  • Naar de vragenlijst

Coming soon!

Welcome on the digital platform for underlying causes of obesity. Via this website you will soon be able to fill in a science-based questionnaire, developed from years of clinical experience. This questionnaire helps you to screen possible causes of your obesity. This allows you to get the right help faster.

What to expect?

You fill in the digital questionnaire. This takes about 25 minutes. Afterwards, you will see a summary with possible causes of your obesity. You can save this on your phone or computer. Or print it. You can take the summary to your doctor as an aid to start the right treatment.

The following steps

How does it work

  • Step 01

    Complete the online questionnaire

    The questions are based on scientific research and are about, among other things, your health, your lifestyle, your feeling of hunger and mental and social factors.
  • Step 02

    Download or print the answers

    At the end of the questionnaire you will see a summary with possible underlying causes of your overweight. You can save this on your phone or computer. You can also print them.
  • Step 03

    Bring the answers to your health care provider

    Do you have an appointment with your healthcare provider? Bring the answers to the interview. This helps the healthcare provider to start the right care for you.
Interested in updates?

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